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The Advanced Series

The Advanced series of simulations presents a greater range of challenges and is therefore more suitable for those who have mastered the basics of railway signalling – The locations modelled are all selected from location where the traffic patterns and track layouts present particular challenges which give a flavour of the signalman’s life not that long ago – when the safe and punctual operation of a busy train service depended on the skill and judgement of a dedicated band of men. See how well you do in avoiding errors and maintaining punctuality.


Three of our Simulations (Ford, Yapton and Barnham) are located deep in rural West Sussex on the former London Brighton and South Coast line from Portsmouth to Brighton. Since they constitute three adjacent ‘boxes, you have the chance to experience the same timetable from three very different viewpoints. Despite the location, this is no railway backwater – the intense electrified service of passenger, newspaper and parcels trains interspersed with the steam-hauled local goods trains will keep you very pleasantly busy!

The Licensed Versions for some of these simulations include a Timetable for a Summer Saturday race day at Goodwood with a multitude of excursion trains to the resorts of Bognor Regis, Southsea and Littlehampton, Race Specials to Barnham and Chichester and all the associated movements of light engines and empty stock.

Ford (Sussex) – BR (Southern Region), 1965

FordFord station is the junction for the short but busy double track branch to Littlehampton. In addition to looking after the main-line trains from Portsmouth and Bognor Regis to Brighton and London, the signalman also has responsibility for a number of terminating trains. Additionally, the Down Loop provides opportunity for Main Line trains to pass and connect with Branch services.


Difficulty Rating:- 5 out of 10

Purchase Price:- £32.50



Barnham Junction – BR (Southern Region), 1965

BarnhamBarnham is the junction for the short but busy double track branch to Bognor Regis. In addition to looking after the main-and branch line trains,. Barnham is the point where services from London to Portsmouth and Bognor Regis are divided and the up services joined. Additionally, the Down Loop provides opportunity for Main Line trains to pass and connect with Branch trains and the goods yard and carriage sidings are regularly used. the simulation fetures timetables from the period when loco-hauled goods trains operated - necesitating running-round, reversing and shunting moves - all of which have to be fiteed into the regular and quite busy passenger timetable.


Difficulty Rating:- 8 out of 10

Purchase Price:- £36.00



Exeter West – BR (Western Region), 1960

Exeter WestExeter St David’s station lies at a railway crossroads. In its heyday, Great Western trains from Paddington to the West Country passed those of the Southern on their parallel journey from Waterloo. The fact that they passed through the station travelling in opposite directions made for operational interest! Until 1985, the junction at the West end of the station was controlled by Exeter West Box – the cramped layout, the steep gradient up to Exeter Central (necessitating the use of banking engines) making for some very interesting operations. This Simulation sets out to accurately replicate the operation of the box as it would have been in 1960


Difficulty Rating:- 9 out of 10

Purchase Price:- £36.50




See Exeter West on Youtube...

A video showing Exeter West in operation is available on Youtube.  For best results, choose the highest quality setting which your system permits and run the videos in "full screen" mode.