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Interlocked Lever Frames for Model Railways of all Scales

Etched in heavy-gauge nickel silver - not cheap, but easier to solder cleanly and gives the most consistent possible etches.

These components enable railway modelers to operate points and signals either mechanically or via optional microswitches from a lever frame having a "scale" appearance and a realistic "feel". This gives a whole new dimension to the operational side of a model railway

Lever frames

This a lever frame is a development of the Scalefour Society's design which has been available from the Society Public e-shop for several years. This "Mk II" design is fully compatible with the previous frame but incorporates a number of features as follows:-

·         The facility to add mechanical interlocking, (available as a separate etch) without modification

·         Integral lever handles with the option of replacing these by a turned steel alternative

·         Easier and more accurate assembly as a pre-requisite for the locking

·         The ability to build “long” frames easily and accurately whilst retaining the ability to remove a block of five levers from the middle of a   longer frame

·         The ability to easily remove an individual lever from a block of five without dis-assembling the whole frame

·         A separate bracket for mounting microswitches at the rear of the levers making it possible to replace an individual failed switch without     major surgery to the frame.

·         A stronger catch box design which is also more accurate in locating the levers at the ends of their travel.

Levers frames are supplied in units of 5 levers and the modular design allows frames of any multiple of 5 levers to be easily built-up and moreover, to be easily disassembled for maintenance.

The design was developed from the Scalefour Society "SHAG" lever frame which has been on sale for a number of years.

A five-lever fret, including catch-handle springs, costs  £26 and they will be available from the Scalefour Society on-line shop


10-lever frame being assembled with the optional locking
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Download Download Drilling Template for mounting base   (Since this must be printed "Actual size", please download and print from your own machine - don't use your web browser's PDF printer)  

Right-click and choose "Download" in your browser. If your browser does not allow this, open the link then click on the "Download" icon in the upper RH corner of the pdf viewer.

Mechanical interlocking

Designed specifically to fit the above lever frame modules, the locking is based on the Great Western Railway's five bar vertical tappet locking - a very compact and efficient design - but for reasons of practically, has four, rather than 5, bridles per tray.  There are 8 trays and hence the basic design can accommodate up to 32 locking bridles. An extension kit is available to extended this of 64 bridles for very long lever frames, but the basic kits have been used to successfully lock a frame of 70 levers

The locking embodies a number of design features as follows:

•    The interlocking can be fitted and removed from the lever frame at any time to allow for fault finding and correction. This also means that the lever frame and locking table can be built separately and assembled after all testing is complete. To this end, the design of a suitable assembly jig is suggested in the assembly guide.

•    The Tappets may be easily removed at any time for maintenance, adjustment, etc and this allows the Bridles – both front and back – also to be removed should this be necessary. Although it is hardly an easy job, this does mean that subsequent modifications to the layout can be accommodated without scrapping and rebuilding the frame.

•    The design provides the capability to create all the mechanisms used on the prototype including releases, deadlocks, conditional locks, sequential locks, loose nibs, butts etc.

Locking Etches for 5 levers cost £34 and will be available from the Scalefour Society on-line shop



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